Women as Stumbling Blocks


The power of Christ has been glorified by your deliverance, resilience and fortitude! However, the exposure of that which is meant to be private taints our spiritual beauty. Provocatively exposing our shape, the temple which God has designed to be sacred, cheapens and devalues our inner beauty. The obsession with selfies uncovers the spirit of vanity and, reveals the torment of insecurity. I am praying that the daughters of Christ, we continually find affirmation, identity AND security in our Lord!

May we lead with our Christlike character, and not become a stumbling block to those around us, in Jesus name!

 me-new“Everyone has a divine purpose; my hope is through the Power of God, you walk boldly in yours!” ~ With Love, Minister Angela

Remember, God loves you! Trust Him!

A few things:

  • If you’ve never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior you can today!
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  • If you’re not part of a local church, it is extremely important that you seek God in leading you to an anointed place of worship. One of the enemy’s greatest and most powerful weapons is to have you separated from the assembly.
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